ACODE workshops provide a professional development forum for those involved in learning and teaching in the tertiary education sector. Participants engage with the latest information, exchange ideas and make contacts – with a focus on enhancing policies and practices for learning and teaching enabled by technology.

Anyone engaged in the tertiary education sector can attend an ACODE workshop.

Casual attendance at a workshop is currently free while we are meeting online.

Please contact the Secretariat at for details and registration.

Workshops and Networking meetings

  • ACODE 84

    ACODE 84

    Virtual Learning: from survival to purpose The last 30 year has seen a gradual and progressive shift in the delivery of distance and elearning. 2020 saw a vast acceleration in the use of educational technologies, such that online delivery is increasingly accepted as a normal part of a student’s educational experience. The transition has also…

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  • ACODE 83

    ACODE 83

    Online  COVID-19 brought many challenges for higher education that are still being worked through. For our students and educators, collaboration and groupwork have taken on a new virtual dimension.  In our COVID-19 reality, how can we continue reap the benefits of collaboration and groupwork for students’ learning? How does collaboration and groupwork in learning and…

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  • ACODE 82

    ACODE 82

      Online Higher Education was perhaps one of the first industries disrupted world-wide by COVID-19 which presented as an immediate crisis and created challenges that required urgent resolution. In reality the Higher Education sector was already dealing with a number of issues that were causing disturbance of their own including technology-driven disruption to traditional teaching…

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  • Benchmarking Summit 2020

    Benchmarking Summit 2020

    *Now online from the August 31 for eight weeks To participate each Institution must do a minimum of 2 Benchmarks We will do one Benchmark a week beginning on the 31st August between 10 – 12 AEST   Benchmark 1 – 31st August Benchmark 2 – 7th September    Password: 337122 Benchmark 3 – 14th…

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    Are you wondering how other Australasian Higher Education Institutions and Innovators are managing, designing and developing emergent technologies to support Learning & Teaching in Practice?  Join us online for the 2nd #ANewReality. a 2-day Immersive Learning event where those Colleagues who manage emerging technologies, and leading practitioners from across the Australasian Landscape will share their…

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  • ACODE 81

    ACODE 81

    e-assessment – Practices, Challenges, Opportunities Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities of e-assessment together at ACODE 81. What technology infrastructure, tools and services are in place or planned to support e-assessment at your university: what’s working; what doesn’t work; what might work ‘if only’? What challenges have arisen, and how has your university addressed them? …

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  • #aNewReality Workshop @ Griffith University

    #aNewReality Workshop @ Griffith University

    Are you wondering what other Higher Education Institutions are doing around Immersive Learning and Emerging Technologies?  Join us at Griffith University for a 2 day Immersive Learning event where those Colleagues who manage emerging technologies, and leading practitioners from across the Australasian Landscape will share their experiences, both at an Institutional and ‘on the ground’…

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  • ACODE 80

    ACODE 80

    Engaging in large-scale LMS change and evolution of learning systems  The Learning Management System (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), is widely regarded as a key element of the modern university learning infrastructure. Over the last twenty years the LMS has evolved into the powerful and highly complex systems offered by major vendors including Blackboard,…

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  • ACODE 79

    ACODE 79

    Key Dates: 15 July 2pm-3.30pm AEST – Workshop Commencement Webinar19 July 2pm-3pm AEST – Workshop Midpoint Webinar26 July 2pm-3.30pm AEST – Workshop Concluding Webinar Feasible Utopia: “Feasible utopias are utopias that just might be realised. They are utopian in that they are nowhere to be found, at least in their fully realised form. They are…

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  • ACODE 78

    ACODE 78

    Emerging strategic themes across the Higher Education sector are increasingly referring to ‘the University of 2030’. Organisations such as the OECD, Universities Australia, Ernst & Young, Inside Higher Ed and others have recently produced reports looking ahead 12 years from now and many Australian and International Universities are also starting to build strategies which incorporate…

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