ACODE workshops provide a professional development forum for those involved in learning and teaching in the tertiary education sector. Participants engage with the latest information, exchange ideas and make contacts – with a focus on enhancing policies and practices for learning and teaching enabled by technology.

Anyone engaged in the tertiary education sector can attend an ACODE workshop.

Casual attendance at a workshop is currently free while we are meeting online.

Please contact the Secretariat at for details and registration.

Workshops and Networking meetings

  • ACODE 77

    ACODE 77

    ACODE 77 Workshop: The New Higher Education Standards Environment: challenges for premium online learning. (This will include the AGM) Deakin University  City Campus 4-5 October 2018 Convenor: Marcus O’Donnell & Michael Sankey Links ACODE 77 Agenda.pdf AGM Agenda.pdf ACODE 77 Business Meeting Agenda.pdf Accommodation Suggestions .docx A77 EO Report.pdf Dinner Thursday Information A77.docx ACODE 76…

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  • ACODE 76

    ACODE 76

    Turning Strategy into Reality: Student Mobility Infrastructure We hear about…. building sustainable learning ecosystems in a student driven digital culture deployment and adoption of Next Gen Enterprise IT for learning data-driven decision making & institutional leadership data management, security, governance models student mobile apps, integration and engagement agile and adaptive learning systems learning and teaching…

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  • ACODE 75

    ACODE 75

    Links A75 Workshop Program.docx AGM 2017 Agenda.pdf ACODE AGM 2016 Draft Minutes.docx Bus Timetable.docx Networking Dinner.docx Survey Link.docx ACODE 75 Business Meeting Agenda.pdf Authentic Assessment CADAD ACODE.pptx Bretag- Contract Cheating Slides.pptx dawson.pdf Accomodation Options.docx

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  • ACODE 74

    Opportunities and challenges in Higher Education What are the biggest challenges we face in Higher Education and what solutions will shape the next generation learning environment. Join us with Alex Freeman from The New Media Consortium to discuss ‘Scaling Solutions to Higher Educations Biggest Challenges’  at James Cook University City Campus in Cairns on the…

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  • ACODE 73

    ACODE 73

    Digital badges are virtual awards given to a person for recognition of skills or competencies gained. The use of badges can help engage students in their learning, connect a series or progression of learning experiences, illuminate pathways to learners, and more clearly demonstrate achievements to external audiences. By the end of this workshop, you will…

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  • ACODE 72

    ACODE 72

    Universities have an ecosystem of e-learning services and facilities including video management, collaboration tools, micro-credential systems, personal learning environments, academic intregrity systems, student advice systems. The modern VLE is now so much more than an LMS. By the end of this workshop you will have designed a framework that will enable you to ask the questions…

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  • ACODE 71

    ACODE 71

    ACODE 71 Benchmarking Summit 2 University of Canberra 27-29 June 2016 For Registration for Benchmarking Summit 2 please use dropdown menu in Activities-BM Summit

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  • ACODE 70 Analytics and Adaptive Learning and Teaching

    ACODE 70 Analytics and Adaptive Learning and Teaching

    Convenor: Philip Uys Topics:    – How analytics can contribute to adaptation in learning and teaching design, delivery and environment                 – How analytics may be used within adaptive learning and teaching systems Workshop Venue is Building 1002 Room 211 – Please refer to the CSU map. Links Workshop Program.pdf Information for ACODE 70.pdf Orange Map…

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  • ACODE 69 Learning Ecology – Ecosystems

    ACODE 69 Learning Ecology – Ecosystems

    Convenors: Colin Carati & Lisa Germany Venue: 182 Victoria Square, Flinders University, Adelaide Date. 5-6 November 2015 Learning ecology – ecosystems noun, Ecology a system, or a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community with their environment. any system or network of interconnecting and interacting parts The approaches, systems and tools for…

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  • ACODE 68 Staff development in contemporary Higher Education:The Holy Grail

    ACODE 68 Staff development in contemporary Higher Education:The Holy Grail

    Auckland University of Technology 29-30 June 2015 Venue: WG308 Convenor: Mark Northover and Cathy Gunn This workshop will explore differing and evolving models of staff development – either in general academic terms or specifically relating to digital literacy and technology-enhanced learning. Links A68 B N Agenda.pdf A68 Exec Officers Report.pdf A67 Draft Minutes for approval.pdf…

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