Key Dates:

15 July 2pm-3.30pm AEST – Workshop Commencement Webinar
19 July 2pm-3pm AEST – Workshop Midpoint Webinar
26 July 2pm-3.30pm AEST – Workshop Concluding Webinar

Feasible Utopia: “Feasible utopias are utopias that just might be realised. They are utopian in that they are nowhere to be found, at least in their fully realised form. They are feasible in that there are good reasons for believing that they could be realised. They are not castles-in-the-air but have a degree of feasibility about them, even if—given the weight and power of the contemporary forces besieging the university—they are unlikely to be realised. That they could just be realised imparts hope and energy in the possibly daunting project of bringing them about.” (Barnett, 2014, p.17)

What feasible utopia can we see for our universities and our work within them, and how can we positively influence the future trajectory of our work to iterate towards that utopian vision? Join with colleagues from the ACODE member universities in our first virtual workshop operating in a fully online mode over two weeks in July. Led by a team of ACODE facilitators working with international speakers, we will explore the following questions and reflect on how we can work to shape future planning and support for learning and teaching.

  1. How are universities structuring their activities and offerings and what challenges does this present for those enabling technology enhanced learning?

  2. How are university-vendor relationships changing in the sector and how will this affect our aspirations and capabilities for the future of technology enhanced learning?

  3. How are universities defining their places as higher education institutions in diverse and competing contexts? How can technology help maintain a community of learners and scholars while also supporting scale and access?