Higher Education institutions benchmarking their capacity in technology enhanced learning

Join us for the 2024 ACODE Benchmarking Summit, a premier event focused on advancing technology-enhanced learning (TEL) practices within higher education institutions. This summit serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional development among institutional leaders, educators, and stakeholders.

Key Focus Areas:

At the summit, participants will delve into nine critical topics essential for enhancing TEL:

  1. Institution-wide policy and governance for technology enhanced learning; 
  2. Planning for institution-wide quality improvement of technology enhanced learning; 
  3. Information technology systems, services and support for technology enhanced learning; 
  4. The application of technology enhanced learning services; 
  5. Staff professional development for the effective use of technology enhanced learning; 
  6. Staff support for the use of technology enhanced learning; 
  7. Student training for the effective use of technology enhanced learning; 
  8. Student support for the use of technology enhanced learning;
  9. Technology enhanced learning spaces

Why Attend:

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with peers, experts, and industry leaders to share insights and best practices.
  • Professional Development: Gain valuable knowledge and skills to drive innovation and improvement in TEL.
  • Collaborative Benchmarking: Participate in benchmarking activities to assess and improve your institution’s TEL practices.
  • Hybrid Experience: Choose between virtual or in-person attendance to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Contributing to Collective Advancement: Your participation contributes to the collective advancement of TEL practices across our network.

Where and When:

The summit is a hybrid event that will be hosted at the Ship Inn, Brisbane, over two full days, offering engaging sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities.

How to Participate:

  • Registration: Register for the summit to secure your spot and receive updates and essential information.
  • Virtual Attendance: If attending virtually, watch for a separate email with Zoom link details.
  • In-Person Experience: Explore travel and accommodation options in the vibrant South Bank area of Brisbane, where the summit will take place.

Join Us:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event dedicated to advancing TEL practices in higher education. Register directly through the ACODE Forum site or email the Executive Officer to secure your spot.

Help Videos

A brief video presentation on running a self-assessment activity, prior to the inter-institutional activity.

A short video outlining how each session at the summit will work and what you should share.