ACODE workshops provide a professional development forum for those involved in learning and teaching in the tertiary education sector. Participants engage with the latest information, exchange ideas and make contacts – with a focus on enhancing policies and practices for learning and teaching enabled by technology.

Anyone engaged in the tertiary education sector can attend an ACODE workshop.

Casual attendance at a workshop is currently free while we are meeting online.

Please contact the Secretariat at for details and registration.

Workshops and Networking meetings

  • ACODE 92: 7- 8 November 2024

    ACODE 92: 7- 8 November 2024

    Hosted by Australian National University Canberra. This will be a Hybrid Meeting.

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  • Benchmarking Summit: Face to Face in Brisbane  9-10 July 2024

    Benchmarking Summit: Face to Face in Brisbane  9-10 July 2024

    Higher Education institutions benchmarking their capacity in technology enhanced learning

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  • ACODE 91

    ACODE 91

    Topic: The Future of Work is Here: And Higher Ed. needs to keep up  How are our educators and students being prepared for a digitally fluent future?  Our ACODE91 workshop was hosted by Western Sydney University on the 21st of March 2024 on the critical importance of preparing educators and students for the rapidly evolving future of…

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  • ACODE 90

    ACODE 90

    ACODE 90: The hills are alive with the sound of AI, and new pedagogies that are music to our ears. While generative AI is both a positive and negative disruptive technology in technology enhanced learning and learning more broadly, it has stimulated many debates, opinion pieces, webinars, and research investigations over the last 12 months.…

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  • ACODE 89

    ACODE 89

    Join your Sector colleagues in this fully online workshop while we delve into Cyber Security in the L&T context.  The day will feature a keynote from Thomas King, a mini CAUDIT workshop, report-back on the AI Survey, and collaboration sessions looking at strategies, tactics and tools supporting Cyber acuity for both our student cohorts, teaching…

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  • ACODE 88

    ACODE 88

    It should come as no surprise to anybody involved in technology enhanced learning that the recent advent of ChatGPT, and more broadly AI Transformers, has put the preverbal cat among the pigeons over the last couple of months. If you have been following our recent Forum posts you will have also seen that there is…

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  • ACODE 87

    ACODE 87

    A lot has transpired since the ACODE 81 workshop (e-Assessment: practices, challenges, opportunities) and new challenges have emerged around examinations particularly as it relates to assessment security, academic integrity and eProctoring. At the same time, the risks linked to the latest generation of artificial intelligence tools are quickly becoming real threats to our well-established approaches…

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  • ACODE Benchmarking Summit 2022

    ACODE Benchmarking Summit 2022

    Remember the webinar Pre Benchmarking summit : This should help you to navigate the tools and make the series a rewarding experience for your institutions  The webinar will be held Friday 29th April 2022 11.30am AEST please follow this link:   Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:     Password: 656043 For recordings…

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  • ACODE 86

    ACODE 86

    The focus, as you might get from the title is all about making this achievable and sustainable moving forward. Or do we all still have to wait another 12 months to 2 years for the next big thing to come along, or for headsets to get cheaper? In other words, what are some of the…

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  • ACODE 85

    ACODE 85

    “The diverse nature of university students, aided and abetted by the growth of pervasive learning technologies, has made the passive classroom an obsolete solution. The contemporary campus is a dynamic eco-system where ‘flexible’ Learning Spaces are valued according to their interactive capability – measured in terms of accessibility and availability.  The ‘dynamic’ Learning Space, whether…

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