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It should come as no surprise to anybody involved in technology enhanced learning that the recent advent of ChatGPT, and more broadly AI Transformers, has put the preverbal cat among the pigeons over the last couple of months. If you have been following our recent Forum posts you will have also seen that there is much ado about this and how we as institutions are looking to deal with this and  provide the best possible advice to our staff. Out of this, as I’m sure you will agree, there can potentially be very positive outcomes for both our students and our staff, but we first need to come to grips with this ourselves as a community.  Join us as we conduct a series of round table discussions to benchmark and understand were our institutions stand on this complex, but exciting issue.

ACODE 88 Session Recordings

Session 1: Welcome & AI for Learning & Teaching

Session 2: Academic Integrity

Session 3: Productivity

Session 4: Closing & Next Steps