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ACODE 90: The hills are alive with the sound of AI, and new pedagogies that are music to our ears.

While generative AI is both a positive and negative disruptive technology in technology enhanced learning and learning more broadly, it has stimulated many debates, opinion pieces, webinars, and research investigations over the last 12 months. And it has only been 12 months. What it has led to is a very positive reflection on the way we conceive the nexus between technology and pedagogy.

Generative AI, as a machine learning tool that is used to autonomously create original content, has the potential to boost productivity in learning and teaching in many ways. To:

  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Enhancing research and knowledge development
  • Improve lesson planning and teaching material development
  • Addressing academic integrity, through authentic assessment
  • Personalised learning pathways and experiences
  • Academic tutelage and support

While generative AI has the potential to be a critical enabler of future institutional success, it is essential that we make it possible for new pedagogies to arise that lead to better employability options for our students. So, we will discuss how educators and students can work together to ensure that generative AI tools are used effectively and ethically towards productive learning and teaching.

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