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COVID-19 brought many challenges for higher education that are still being worked through. For our students and educators, collaboration and groupwork have taken on a new virtual dimension.  In our COVID-19 reality, how can we continue reap the benefits of collaboration and groupwork for students’ learning? How does collaboration and groupwork in learning and assessment work and look in the online or blended environment? What equity/inclusion challenges have arisen, and how has your university addressed them?

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to share and discuss the theme with the intent to create some form of communique/white paper for dissemination to members and the broader sector.

Zoom Link for Tuesday Workshop 16th March:https://aarnet.zoom.us/j/86736234826?pwd=WndadjE1WXd6clJaOHBHQnVsZzVmZz09  Password: 559961  

Zoom Link for Wednesday Business Meeting 17th March: https://aarnet.zoom.us/j/83909652628?pwd=VzlNZE5rR3JEclhVMGpSZFZOdldDZz09    Password: 796912