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“The diverse nature of university students, aided and abetted by the growth of pervasive learning technologies, has made the passive classroom an obsolete solution. The contemporary campus is a dynamic eco-system where ‘flexible’ Learning Spaces are valued according to their interactive capability – measured in terms of accessibility and availability.

 The ‘dynamic’ Learning Space, whether formal or informal, is now perceived as a partner in the learning and teaching experience. With such expectation that ‘partner’ needs to be robust, reliable, flexible and most of all connected.

 The building and management of ‘connected’ Learning Spaces has become a complex design problem best approached using cross-team collaborations. Throughout this workshop there’ll be ample opportunity to hear from other universities; showcasing how they collaboratively design, use and deploy shared resources – enriching the experience for all.”

TIME ZONES for the Workshop:

6.30am Western Australia

8.00am Northern Territory

8.30am Queensland

9.00am South Australia

9.30am Canberra, Victoria , NSW and Tasmania

10.30am Fiji

11.30am New Zealand

Workshop Link: Thursday 11th November
    Password: 556729

Networking Meeting Link: Friday 12th November
    Password: 766061