Are you wondering how other Australasian Higher Education Institutions and Innovators are managing, designing and developing emergent technologies to support Learning & Teaching in Practice? 

Join us online for the 2nd #ANewReality. a 2-day Immersive Learning event where those Colleagues who manage emerging technologies, and leading practitioners from across the Australasian Landscape will share their experiences and practices, both at Institutional and ‘on the ground’ development levels.

Missed Out?  
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Represent your Institution & Get your Institution ‘out there’

There is no rego cost for the event; however, you will be expected to participate in the ‘shared experience’ activities and perhaps some opportunities to present on behalf of your Institution. 

Opportunities include: 

  • Sector Round Table Representation – 5-10 mins on ‘what is happening in your Institution’  – ACODE Representatives and/or alternates.
  • Quick Fire Presentations – 10-15 mins – these may be presented in multiple online environments depending on the topic
  • Mini Emergent Tech Workshops – 30 -45 mins – these short and sharp workshops will be presented in Microsoft Teams and/or any platform you prescribe as relevant to your workshop idea
    • Design Stream
    • Development Stream
    • Management Stream
  • Virtual Expo Experiences – if you have something you’d like to show off as part of the VR-enabled Expo, here’s your chance.  These don’t have to be VR-centric, you may elect to show & discuss a poster for example.  Our platform will allow for upload of various formats, use of screen sharing and import of YouTube URLs for example.  

Invite a Practitioner

If you have an Immersive Learning/Emerging Technology Innovator you’d like to invite, please feel free to register them as well as well as your Team.  

Sessions in the VR Environment

We’ve found a VR platform that is sustainable and scalable for all.  You can engage with the events in this platform via multiple headsets and/or via the Browser.  Access for All!

Registrations Closed for 2020

Keep an eye on ACODE for #ANewReality 2021